Ways to Reduce Stress

Stress is vital for survival. Surprised? It’s true. The stress response allowed early humans to not be eaten by larger animals. We always hear about how bad stress is, but it can also be helpful. Stress can motivate you to focus on what you need to do, or it can be completely overwhelming and prevent […]

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Balance Awareness Week

If you’ve noticed that your balance isn’t quite what it used to be, or if you’ve experienced other vestibular symptoms such as dizziness or brain fog, you’re not alone. An estimated one out of every twenty Australian adults will experience dizziness or other vestibular symptoms at some point. While some vestibular decline is common with […]

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Ride Safe and Prevent Cycling Injuries

Cycling has always been a cheap and environment-friendly mode of transportation. It is also an enjoyable physical activity for all age groups as it contributes to both physical and mental health. Cycling helps in improving the muscle tone of legs and is also considered good for cardiovascular fitness. Due to the health benefits of cycling, […]

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Start your Exercise Program Right

Yes, you can do it! Have you been hitting the gym and spending grueling hours daily only to get discouraged and realize that you have actually benefitted nothing out of it? The good part of it is you aren’t alone in this struggle; there are thousands of other such fitness minded people who go to […]

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