Tony Monaghan

Tony Monaghan


Clinic Base:
Seven Hills Chiropractic & Allied Health


  • BA Hons (Psych, Soc)
  • GDipHR Mgt
  • GDipAppSportPsy (Accredited The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP)(hypnotherapy)
  • Member of the Australian Psychological Society (MAPS)

We all have problems. How we solve the invisible, emotional ones is often not easy. You’re not alone, especially if you are male.

I can support you with anxiety, depression, grief, assertiveness, relationships, transition to retirement, career and life-stages changes, as well as sport psychology. I can support you using cognitive behavioural therapy and also hypnotherapy.

My background over the last 5 years has focused on Anxiety and Depression with Beyond Blue. The last 30 years includes Snr Mgt in companies, consulting to organisations across Asia Pacific on leadership and negotiation. I’m also a Lev2 cricket coach with the Aust Cricket Board.

Since 2010, I have invested more and more into my primary values – how to make the world a better place.

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I offer you practical, down to earth psychological help that will give you a chance to reclaim your sense of well-being.

I have had my fair share of successes in sport and business, and have also had to face up to failures. All of this requires opening myself up (practising what I preach), accepting slowing down, re-framing my personal and family history, and taking responsibility for my own story. I have learnt to re-tell it so that its useful to me now.

In this regard, I’m here for you. Whatever we do will be safe, and will be all about learning and creating the future you hope for.