Book Online

Book Online

The Online Booking facility is only available for Chiropractic, Osteopathy and Massage Therapy appointments.
For all other appointments please phone your nearest Chiropractic and Allied Health Clinic.

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The concept:

Online chiropractic bookings are a simple and effective way to make an appointment without calling reception. It allows you to book appointments at your convenience 24/7 from a desktop or mobile device.
Our system is not only for existing patients, but also provides patients that are new to our clinics the ability to book their appointments online.

Is it safe and reliable?

Using this system is safe and secure – Chiropractic & Allied Health only ask for very basic personal details, enough to confirm the booking. This system is simple and totally reliable on the premise that our clinics will confirm your appointment.

How does it work?

The chiropractic booking system is basically 4 steps.

  1. Select your preferred practitioner
  2. Select your date and time for your appointment
  3. Add some contact details (only once)
  4. Receive your confirmation.