Women’s Rugby World Cup – A Customized Exercise Regime to Keep you Fit

Women’s Rugby World Cup – A Customized Exercise Regime to Keep you Fit

womens rugbyRugby, a game similar to football has soared in popularity across the world. It is also one of the world’s fastest growing sports for women. The Women’s Rugby world cup is a leading international competition for the rugby union game. Rugby demands a lot of physical strength and the players need to learn the right skills and techniques to avoid injuries while competing. Therefore, it is imperative that players work on their core strength and undergo regular training which will not only make them fit but will also help in reducing injuries.

Preventing Injuries

Rugby is a physically demanding game and strains the body. The players need to be able-bodied, quick, and should have good core strength. However, like any other sport, the game of rugby also carries a risk of sustaining injuries. During the rugby matches, most of the injuries happen while a player is tackling or is being tackled. Many players end up suffering from either sprains, strains, or muscle injuries due to a collisions while playing the game.

To tackle injuries and keep the players fit, the health experts have designed various exercise and fitness programs. According to them, the exercise regime should not only focus on strength, agility, and balance, but should also prepare the players for the physical challenges they face in the field so as to cut down on potential injuries.

An exercise regime by trusted health experts

Listed below is a four step exercise regime designed for the rugby players. This 20-minute program focuses on balance, movement, and strength. The program has been rolled out by the Rugby Football Union.

  1. The first section of the program involves running, warm-up and direction change activities which take two minutes to perform. For this players have to do a snake run, plant and cut which will help them to warm up and also improve sudden direction changing skills.
  2. Second, the focus is on lower-limb balance training to be performed for four minutes. Here, the players have to perform a single leg balance exercise or single leg hop.
  3. Third, target resistance exercises for around eight minutes. In this activity, the players have to do isometric neck contractions and zombie squats.
  4. Lastly, the players need to undergo plus-jumping, side jumping and correct landing exercises for a total of six minutes which can be practiced by doing pogo and ski jumps.

According to a research done based on the above exercise regime, it was observed that the overall injuries were reduced by 72 per cent and concussion injuries by 59 per cent after the players performed these exercises three times a week.(1)


The game of rugby requires a lot of strength, speed, agility, and balancing skills apart from the use of right techniques and equipment so as to prevent any kind of injury during a match. However, if a player gets injured during the game or while training, she should be promptly attended by a qualified first aid personnel. There are Chiropractic treatments available to tackle any kind of injury.

So, all you rugby fans out there, the eighth Women’s Rugby World Cup is about to begin. If you are a rugby enthusiast, but fear to play the sport due to the injuries associated with the game, then don’t worry anymore. To get help with your rugby and any injuries you might be carrying, call one of our practices now.


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