Back Pain

Back Pain

At Chiropractic and Allied Health, we see many patients who have come to us for ​back problems. The World Health Organisation states that the prevalence of back pain in the industrialized world is 60 to 70 percent.

Do you feel that your back pain is a condition you just have to ‘put up with’?

Unlike some therapies that only treat the symptoms patients are experiencing, we attempt to get to the root cause of these symptoms. At the initial appointment, we carry out a comprehensive history that takes into account, current medications, any surgery or traumatic injury, and the patient’s lifestyle, followed by a physical assessment.

A problem with biomechanics is the most usual cause of back pain and responds well to Chiropractic treatment. We have a number of techniques that we can offer and may use a combination of treatments including chiropractic adjustments, osteopathic manipulation,soft tissue therapy,exercise rehabilitation,posture and ergonomic advice and orthotic prescription.

Are you worrying needlessly about how recurrent back problems will affect you in the future?

Please call your local Chiropractic and Allied Health clinic today to arrange an appointment​.It is so important to get the right professional treatment for back problems. If Chiropractic care is appropriate for you, we can help to relieve pain and get you mobile again. The advantage of our service is that it comes with the added benefits of helping to prevent back pain becoming a chronic or recurring problem, as we are able to:

  • Treat the root cause of the pain
  • Provide exercise rehabilitation
  • Provide advice on workplace ergonomics, postural problems and injury prevention.

What Causes Back Pain?

Back pain can arise from a number of problems affecting the bones, joints, nerves, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Lower back pain affecting the lumbar spine is probably the most common but the cervical spine (neck), thoracic spine (upper back) and the sacrum can all be affected.

  • As we mentioned earlier, the problem is very often biomechanical.
  • An injury or accident can result in sprains or strains.
  • Poor ergonomics in the workplace or postural problems that have developed over time are both common causes.
  • Even minor spinal misalignments can cause nerve root irritation, leading to pain, tingling or numbness
  • Over a lifetime, the inevitable wear and tear on our bodies can lead to problems with vertebrae, and spinal discs.

Do not ignore these symptoms

There are some symptoms associated with back pain that must not be ignored! If you experience any of the following, seek medical help immediately:

  • Becoming incontinent of urine and/or faeces
  • Having difficulty urinating
  • Developing numbness in the groin area
  • Becoming unsteady or experiencing weakness in the legs

A Holistic Care Partnership

Care at Chiropractic and Allied Health is a partnership between practitioner and patient. We will agree on a treatment plan with each patient and work with them using appropriate therapies for their back pain problem to achieve the best possible outcome.

Our aims are, to get patients out of pain, to restore lost mobility, to inform patients about problems such as workplace ergonomics and safe lifting and handling – and to provide exercises that patients can safely do at home to reduce the chances of such a recurrence.


Move Well, Eat Well, Think Well. The three most important things we need to be healthy.
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