Neck Pain

Neck Pain

Neck pain is a very common problem. Patients at Chiropractic and Allied Health report symptoms that include an inability to move the neck freely, dull muscular aches, sharp stabbing pains and headaches. In some cases, the symptoms can be so debilitating that patients cannot sleep at night or carry out normal, everyday activities, such as driving their car.

Get your neck pain checked out as soon as possible! Call your local Chiropractic and Allied Health practice today to book an appointment because:

  • First, there are many possible reasons for neck pain and it is vital to understand the exact cause in each case so that appropriate treatment can begin right away.
  • Second, the joints in the cervical spine can become stiff, or even locked into position, resulting in spasms and/or weakness in the muscles of the neck and shoulder. The longer the problem persists, the harder it is to correct.

The human body is very good at compensating for any deficit by recruiting other joints or muscles to enable us to carry on with daily life. Unfortunately, in the case of neck pain, this can be devastating long-term and result in chronic pain, stiffness and headaches including tension type migraines.

You need to see your Chiropractic and Allied Health practitioner if:

  • You have neck pain or stiffness that does not resolve after a couple of days
  • You are taking over the counter anti-inflammatory or pain killer medicines on a regular basis for neck pain
  • Your neck pain is worse on waking but improves during the day
  • Problems with your neck began after an accident, fall or injury
  • You cannot turn or nod your head freely or you experience pain when doing so
  • You are experiencing numbness or tingling in your shoulders, arms, hands or wrists associated with your neck pain.

The Most Common Causes of Neck Pain

With busy, often hectic lives, chronic stress and tension is a common cause of neck pain arising from tightening of the muscles in the neck and jaw.

Forward head posture is another cause of neck pain. This is often as a result of incorrect workplace ergonomics (spending all day in front of a poorly positioned computer monitor, for example), weight gain, muscle weakness and other problems that affect correct head carriage and alignment of the spine.

Degenerative conditions can also make us more predisposed to neck and spinal problems.  For example, Spinal Stenosis causes compression of the spinal nerves, Osteoarthritis, restricts the normal range of movement in the spinal joints. Degenerative disc problems can cause the discs between the vertebrae to bulge or become herniated, putting pressure on nerves.

Neck pain is more common among the elderly population with more than 20% of the over 70s age group affected and it can be a cause of falls due to associated feelings of dizziness.

A Holistic Approach to Caring For Neck Pain

Many of the common causes of neck pain respond well to Chiropractic care, but it is important to rule out anything that may need further medical investigation. For this reason, at an initial appointment at Chiropractic and Allied Health, we are meticulous in taking a detailed patient history and conducting a thorough physical and neurological examination in order to determine the cause of pain in each case.

We will ask you about when the pain began, whether it is only in the neck, or is also affecting upper back, shoulders, arms, or causing numbness, tingling or headache.

During the physical examination, we will check posture, the range of movement in the neck and examine the spine to locate any muscle spasms or misaligned vertebrae.

In the neurological examination, we will check for any neurological symptoms, checking reflexes and muscle strength.

If Chiropractic care is appropriate, a treatment plan that will include a combination of chiropractic and osteopathic techniques can begin right away. We may also prescribe advice on sleeping position, workplace ergonomics, stress management and simple stretching and strengthening exercises to do at home.


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