Foot Pain

Foot Pain

If you are suffering from foot pain, please call your local Chiropractic and Allied Health Centre today. Through a combination of chiropractic and osteopathic treatment techniques, the prescription of stretching and strengthening exercises and, where appropriate, the prescription of custom orthotics worn inside normal footwear, we are able to relieve the symptoms and treat many of the common causes of foot pain.

Why are foot and ankle problems so common?

When we consider what a complex structure the human foot is, with its 26 bones and supporting tendons and ligaments it is not surprising that things can go wrong. An averagely active person could be walking around 8-10,000 steps every day and our feet have to carry our whole body weight – plus the additional weight of children, shopping, etc. during the normal, working day.

Sporting activities such as jogging or aerobics classes can exacerbate many common foot problems – as can our choice of footwear. Flat feet, over-pronation (where the foot rolls inwards too much during walking) and other foot problems can affect the biomechanics of the whole body, causing pain elsewhere, especially in the ankles, knees, hips and back.

What are the most common foot problems?

  1. Flat Feet (or Pes Planus)

An estimated one in four of us is affected, some have no major problems but for others, the condition causes chronic pain in soft tissues and joints and abnormal stresses in the leg and lower back.

  1. Heel Pain (or Plantar Fasciitis)

This is inflammation of the plantar fascia, the band of connective tissue surrounding the muscles under the foot or the development of a heel spur. Pain is often worse on getting out of bed in the morning and made worse by strenuous exercise, walking in inappropriate footwear, barefoot walking or being overweight. This condition can be so painful as to make walking a misery.

  1. Bunions (or HalluxVagus)

This is a condition where the big toe moves out of alignment. The top moves towards or even overlaps the second toe and the base of the toe develops a bump (the bunion). Pain is usually worse on walking or standing but can produce burning pain in the affected toe even when at rest.

Causes can include inflammatory arthritis and over-pronation, but the most usual cause is wearing pointed and high-heeled shoes and the reason why more women are affected.

  1. Ball of foot pain (or Metatarsalgia)

Beneath the surface, five metatarsal bones support the ball of the foot. Problems with one or more of these, produces the stinging and burning sensations, pain and stiffness associated with this condition.

  1. Achilles Tendon problems

The Achilles tendon attaches to the heel bone. Achilles tendonitis can be the result of a single injury but is more usually associated with ‘wear and tear’ (micro-injuries that accumulate over time). Pain may be minor at first but worsens if patients try to keep going with painkillers and disregard the symptoms.

Is foot pain making movement difficult for you?

We take a holistic approach to foot pain. At an initial appointment at Chiropractic and Allied Health, we will not only take a detailed medical history and conduct a physical examination, but we will also examine how the problem with the affected foot or feet, may be affecting the biomechanics of the rest of the body. Our aim is to provide corrective treatment where appropriate for the foot pain and treatment to prevent or treat knee, hip and back pain that may result from foot problems.

Our gentle chiropractic and osteopathic adjustments can help to restore movement in the joints of the fore and mid foot, relieving pressure on ligaments and fascia with the aim of relieving pain and restoring function.

For many patients, particularly those suffering from the problems of over-pronation or plantar fasciitis, the prescription of custom orthotics that provide correct support, exactly where needed, will bring relief from the pain and associated symptoms.

Foot pain can limit mobility and spoil the enjoyment of everyday activities. It can also affect posture and cause problems with the spine and other joints. At Chiropractic and Allied Health, we treat the whole person, not just the symptoms and our conservative treatment approach is always with the aim of enabling you to move well and feel well too.


Move Well, Eat Well, Think Well. The three most important things we need to be healthy.
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