Maria Morte-Sanorjo

Maria Morte-Sanorjo


Clinic Base:

Seven Hills Chiropractic & Allied Health

Maria is an empathetic and caring Clinical Psychologist dedicated to helping children, adolescents, and adults lead meaningful and fulfilling lives. Maria strongly believes in the power of collaboration and tailors evidence-based interventions to align with her client’s personal goals and values. Maria provides a supportive and safe environment where clients can work through difficulties and develop resilience and vitality.

Maria has an interest in the realm of girls’ and women’s health, with a particular passion for perinatal mental well-being, child development, chronic pain, complex trauma and neurodivergence. She has worked in various clinical settings, including private practice, in-patient mental health, disability, out-of-home care and non-profit organisations.

In the perinatal space, she dedicates herself to supporting new parents as they embark on the thrilling yet demanding journey of parenthood. Having accumulated extensive experience in pregnancy loss, Maria offers families invaluable support throughout their grieving process, characterised by her compassionate and empathetic approach. Maria’s commitment to holistic care for parents encompasses the entire spectrum, from preconception to pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond.

Maria’s broad understanding of child and adolescent development is backed by over eight years of experience in therapy and psychometric assessments for multiple childhood mental health presentations, including Neurodiversity (Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia). Her experience and training allow her to delve deep into the underlying causes of learning and behavioural challenges in young minds.

Acadeically accomplished, Maria holds a Master’s Degree and is a recipient of the prestigious Dean’s Merit Award for her outstanding performance during her postgraduate studies. Her undergraduate thesis on women’s reactions to infant crying earned her first-class honours, reflecting her passion for research. Maria aspires to contribute to a deeper understanding of women’s and girls’ mental health needs, further enriching this field of psychology.