Sport Injury

Sport Injury

For professionals and ‘weekend warriors’ alike, the fear of picking up a sports injury and being sidelined, possibly being out of action for weeks – or even months, is a common one. At Chiropractic and Allied Health, the care that we provide offers sportsmen and women at all levels, the benefits of-

  • Drug-free, conservative management of sports injuries
  • Rehabilitation care after an injury
  • The promotion of correct, complete healing with the aim or avoiding permanent damage or the prospect of recurrence

Do you have a sports injury?

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Our team is up to date with all the latest scientific research, medical advice and treatment techniques and always follow best practice guidelines for the care and management of sports injuries.

What are the most common sports injuries we treat?

  • Among the most common are low back pain, neck pain and knee pain
  • We also see patients with muscle sprains and tears and joint sprains, most commonly sprained ankles
  • Rotator cuff and impingement problems in the shoulder and impingement and instability in the hip are also common injuries among sports people.

Sometimes the cause is excessive or inappropriate training, sometimes it is the inherent risk of playing a contact sport, but in many cases, biomechanics is the major factor.

  • Ligament, tendons, muscles, connective tissues, joints, inter-vertebral discs and nerves may all be affected.
  • Misalignments, postural problems, muscle imbalances and weaknesses are all leading causes of sports injuries – and ones that are treatable.

At an initial appointment, we attempt to discover the cause of the pain and dysfunction caused by a sports injury by means of a comprehensive medical history and thorough physical examination. If Chiropractic care is appropriate, we can recommend a treatment plan tailored to the needs of the individual in order to promote a full and speedy return to fitness.

A treatment plan will depend on the individual, the injury and the mechanism. Broadly speaking, our conservative care may include a combination of techniques to mobilise joints, provide soft tissue and deep tissue therapies and exercises to promote rehabilitation. Our treatments aim to restore full and correct function, reduce pain and inflammation and to promote healing of damaged tissues.

Is your body trying to compensate for a sports injury?

As is so often the case, our bodies try to compensate for an injury by protecting an injured area. This results in tightening of other muscles and joints, placing greater strain there as the body tries to maintain balance.

For example, a person who comes to us suffering from a sports injury with symptoms presenting as a persistently painful shoulder, might not have a shoulder injury and may in fact, be compensating for an injury to the neck that is resulting in a painful shoulder.

This is why getting an early, correct diagnosis and not trying to ‘work through’ the pain, is so important. It highlights the importance of not just treating the symptoms, but locating the root cause of the injury.

Are you suffering from a recurrent sports injury?

If your injury keeps recurring, the chances are that it has never healed fully or correctly. At Chiropractic and Allied Health, each sports injury treatment plan is specific to the individual patient. The aim of our care is to restore any injured structure to full function, promoting full healing and making it less likely that an injury will recur.


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